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flesh of shad-like fish abundant along the Atlantic coast or in coastal streams alewife
shad-like food fish that runs rivers to spawn; often salted or smoked; sometimes placed in genus Pomolobus alewife , Alosa pseudoharengus , Pomolobus pseudoharengus
European shad allice , allice shad , allis , allis shad , Alosa alosa
shad that spawns in streams of the Mississippi drainage; very similar to Alosa sapidissima Alosa chrysocloris , river shad
shad of Atlantic coast of North America; naturalized to Pacific coast Alosa sapidissima , common American shad
shad Alosa , genus Alosa
shad-like North American marine fishes used for fish meal and oil and fertilizer Brevoortia tyrannis , menhaden
herrings; shad; sardines; etc. Clupeidae , family Clupeidae
most primitive teleost fishes; all are soft-finned: salmon; trout; herring; shad; sardines; anchovies; whitefish; smelts; tarpon Isospondyli , order Isospondyli
roe of shad; may be parboiled or baked or sauteed gently shad roe
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