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slender cosmopolitan, pelagic shark; blue body shades to white belly; dangerous especially during maritime disasters blue shark , great blue shark , Prionace glauca
monochrome picture made by using several different shades of the same color chiaroscuro
strong-growing annual climber having large flowers of all shades of orange from orange-red to yellowish orange and seeds that are pickled and used like capers garden nasturtium , Indian cress , Tropaeolum majus
gray, painting in shades of grisaille
chiaroscuro painting or stained glass etc., in shades of grey imitating the effect of relief grisaille
interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing muted greyish shades with flecks of color heather , heather mixture
painting in different shades of same color monochrome , monotint
act of coloring with areas of different shades mottling
large bonnet that shades the face; worn by girls and women sunbonnet
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