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greyish-black shrew mole of the United States and Canada American shrew mole , Neurotrichus gibbsii
water shrew of North America American water shrew , Sorex palustris
shrew mole of eastern Asia Asiatic shrew mole , Uropsilus soricipes
North American shrew with tail less than half its body length Blarina brevicauda , short-tailed shrew
shrew-sized protomammal from the Alberta region of Canada; from about 55 million years ago (much more recent than other mammal-like reptiles) Chronoperates paradoxus
common American shrew common shrew , Sorex araneus
small brown shrew of grassy regions of eastern United States Cryptotis parva , least shrew
widely distributed Old World water shrew European water shrew , Neomys fodiens
shrew moles genus Neurotrichus , genus Uropsilus , Neurotrichus , Uropsilus
commonest shrew of moist habitats in North America masked shrew , Sorex cinereus
type of water shrew Mediterranean water shrew , Neomys anomalus
brown tree shrew having a naked tail bilaterally fringed with long stiff hairs on the distal third; of Malaysia pen-tail , pen-tailed tree shrew , pentail
(Yiddish) a vulgar shrew; a shallow coarse termagant yenta
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