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having narrow flat sickle-shaped submerged fronds; North America bogmat , mud midget , Wolffiella gladiata
common thorny tropical American tree having terminal racemes of yellow flowers followed by sickle-shaped or circinate edible pods and yielding good timber and a yellow dye and mucilaginous gum camachile , huamachil , manila tamarind , Pithecellobium dulce , wild tamarind
sickle-shaped falcate
rain forest tree or shrub of New Caledonia having a conic crown and pale green sickle-shaped leaves; host species for the rare parasite yew Falcatifolium taxoides , yellow-leaf sickle pine
sickle pines: dioecious evergreen tropical trees and shrubs having sickle-shaped leaves; similar to Dacrycarpus in habit; Malaysia and Philippines to New Guinea and New Caledonia Falcatifolium , genus Falcatifolium
European medic naturalized in North America having yellow flowers and sickle-shaped pods Medicago falcata , sickle alfalfa , sickle lucerne , sickle medick
cut with a sickle reap
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