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(Hinduism) a posture or manner of sitting (as in the practice of yoga) asana
support that you can lean against while sitting back , backrest
battle in Montana near the Little Bighorn River between United States cavalry under Custer and several groups of Native Americans (1876); Custer was pursuing Sioux led by Sitting Bull; Custer underestimated the size of the Sioux forces (which were support Battle of Little Bighorn , Battle of the Little Bighorn , Custer's Last Stand , Little Bighorn
lightweight jacket worn over bedclothes (as when sitting in bed) bed jacket
furnished sitting room with sleeping accommodations (and some plumbing) bedsit , bedsitter , bedsitting room
magistrate or judge or judges sitting in court in judicial capacity to compose the court collectively Bench
lady's bedroom or private sitting room boudoir
sitting on eggs so as to hatch them by the warmth of the body brooding , incubation
sitting room (usually at school or university) common room
chief of the Sioux who resisted the invasion of the Black Hills and joined Sitting Bull in the defeat of General Custer at Little Bighorn (1849-1877) Crazy Horse , Tashunca-Uitco
sitting duck decoy , dupe , target , victim
bathtub in which your buttocks and hips are immersed as if you were sitting in a chair and you bathe in a sitting position hip bath , sitz bath
yoga sitting position lotus
sitting position of yoga, cross-legged lotus position
sitting position with the legs crossed; used in yoga lotus position
sitting or waiting room lounge
sitting room used during the daylight hours morning room
muscle in the thigh that helps to rotate the leg into the sitting position assumed by a tailor; the longest muscle in the human body musculus sartorius , sartorius , sartorius muscle
form of dyspnea in which the person can breathe comfortably only when standing or sitting erect; associated with asthma and emphysema and angina pectoris orthopnea
room for sitting and conversation parlor
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