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primitive long-bodied carnivorous freshwater fish with a very long dorsal fin; found in sluggish waters of North America Amia calva , bowfin , dogfish , grindle
small sluggish insect aphid
sluggish krait banded with black and yellow banded adder , banded krait , Bungarus fasciatus
sluggish creek bayou
marsh, sluggish stream through bayou
most common grey shark along coasts of middle Atlantic states; sluggish and occasionally caught by fishermen Carcharhinus plumbeus , sandbar shark
venomous but sluggish reddish-brown snake of Australia copperhead , Denisonia superba
lazy and sluggish costive , inert
common water lily of eastern and central North America, having broad leaves and globe-shaped yellow flowers; in sluggish fresh or slightly brackish water cow lily , Nuphar advena , spatterdock , yellow pond lily
any sluggish bottom-dwelling ray of the order Torpediniformes having a rounded body and electric organs on each side of the head capable of emitting strong electric discharges crampfish , electric ray , numbfish , torpedo
stream, sluggish creek
large voracious aquatic reptile having a long snout with massive jaws and sharp teeth and a body covered with bony plates; of sluggish tropical waters crocodile
large Old World freshwater bottom-feeding fish introduced into Europe from Asia; inhabits ponds and sluggish streams and often raised for food; introduced into United States where it has become a pest Cyprinus carpio , domestic carp
sluggish hard-bodied black terrestrial weevil whose larvae feed on e.g. decaying plant material or grain darkling beetle , darkling groung beetle , tenebrionid
batfishes: sluggish bottom-dwelling spiny fishes family Ogcocephalidae , Ogcocephalidae
sluggish tailless Australian arboreal marsupial with grey furry ears and coat; feeds on eucalyptus leaves and bark kangaroo bear , koala , koala bear , native bear , Phascolarctos cinereus
thrombosis of a vein without prior inflammation of the vein; associated with sluggish blood flow (as in prolonged bedrest or pregnancy or surgery) or with rapid coagulation of the blood phlebothrombosis , venous thrombosis
sluggish square-tailed fish armored with tough bony scales; of deep warm waters squaretail
dull and sluggish stagnant
inactive or sluggish torpid
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