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smart aleck boaster , braggart , clown , wiseacre , wise guy , wisenheimer
dashingly smart chic
successful and smart young person child prodigy , whiz kid , wunderkind
stylishness as evidenced by a smart appearance dapperness , jauntiness , nattiness , rakishness
very smart person genius
pinpoint bomb guidance device that can be strapped to a gravity bomb thus converting dumb bombs into smart bombs JDAM , Joint Direct Attack Munition
smart bomb that seeks the laser light reflected off of the target and uses it to correct its descent laser-guided bomb , LGB
compact and sturdy saddle horse that is bred and trained in Vienna; smart and docile and excellent for dressage Lipizzan , Lippizan , Lippizaner
state of being neat and smart and trim neatness , spruceness
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