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shorebird of the sandpiper family that resembles a snipe dowitcher
American snipe Gallinago gallinago delicata , Wilson's snipe
common snipe of Eurasia and Africa Gallinago gallinago , whole snipe
Old World snipe larger and darker than the whole snipe Gallinago media , great snipe , woodcock snipe
snipe genus Limnocryptes , Limnocryptes
small short-billed Old World snipe half snipe , jacksnipe , Limnocryptes minima
elaborate practical joke in which the unsuspecting victim hunts a snipe and is typically left in the dark holding a bag and waiting for the snipe to run into it snipe hunt
snipe, plover or stork wader
flock of snipe wisp
game bird of the sandpiper family that resembles a snipe woodcock
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