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(Old Testament) the wife of Uriah and later the wife of King David; Solomon was her son by David (circa 10th century BC) Bathsheba
Old Testament book consisting of reflections on the vanity of human life; is traditionally attributed to Solomon but probably was written about 250 BC Book of Ecclesiastes , Ecclesiastes
Old Testament book consisting of proverbs from various Israeli sages (including Solomon) Book of Proverbs , Proverbs
largest of the Solomon Islands; a province of Papua New Guinea Bougainville
depression in the floor of the Pacific Ocean between New Guinea and the Solomon Islands Bougainville Trench
Old Testament book consisting of a collection of love poems traditionally attributed to Solomon but actually written much later Canticle of Canticles , Canticles , Song of Solomon , Song of Songs
genus of deciduous shrubs or trees; fruit is a berry; grow in New Zealand and Fiji and Solomon Islands genus Melicytus , Melicytus
horticulturally important genus of mainly terrestrial orchids including many hybrids; southeastern Asia and Indonesia to Philippines and Solomon Islands; Paphiopedilum species sometimes included in genus Cypripedium genus Paphiopedilum , Paphiopedilum
mountainous island; the largest of the Solomon Islands in the independent state that is a member of the British Commonwealth Guadalcanal
(Judaism) sanctuary comprised of the innermost chamber of the Tabernacle in the temple of Solomon where the Ark of the Covenant was kept holy of holies , sanctum sanctorum
national capital of Solomon Islands Honiara
any of the indigenous languages spoken in Papua New Guinea or New Britain or the Solomon Islands that are not Malayo-Polynesian languages Papuan , Papuan language
any of the biblical books (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus) that are considered to contain wisdom sapiential book , wisdom book , wisdom literature
southern Solomon Islands that since 1978 form an independent state in the British Commonwealth Solomon Islands
any of several plants of the genus Polygonatum having paired drooping yellowish-green flowers and a thick rootstock with scars shaped like Solomon's seal Solomon's-seal
any of three successive temples in Jerusalem that served as the primary center for Jewish worship; the first temple contained the Ark of the Covenant and was built by Solomon in the 10th century BC and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC; the second was Temple of Jerusalem , Temple of Solomon
wall in Jerusalem; sacred to Jews as a place of prayer and lamentation; its stones are believed to have formed part of the Temple of Solomon Wailing Wall
Apocryphal book consisting mainly of a meditation on wisdom; although ascribed to Solomon it was probably written in the first century BC Wisdom , Wisdom of Solomon
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