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edible and choice fungus; has a convex cap that is slightly viscid when fresh and moist but soon dries and a thick bulbous tan stalk Boletus edulis
woman soon to be or recently married bride
man soon to be or recently married bridegroom
fungus with a viscid wrinkled tawny cap; the stalk has a basal bulb that diminishes as the stalk elongates; the gills are dark violet at first but soon turn brown Cortinarius corrugatus
emaciated horse likely soon to become carrion and so attractive to crows crow-bait , crowbait
people who are destined to die soon doomed , lost
(basketball) a rapid dash to get a shot as soon as possible after taking possession of the ball fast break
state of being imminent and liable to happen soon forthcomingness , imminence , imminency , imminentness , impendence , impendency
Spanish poet and dramatist who was shot dead by Franco's soldiers soon after the start of the Spanish Civil War (1898-1936) Frederico Garcia Lorca , Garcia Lorca , Lorca
bandage of cloth impregnated with a substance (e.g., plaster of Paris) that hardens soon after it is applied immovable bandage
collection of books of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, the Pauline and other epistles, and Revelation; composed soon after Christ's death; the second half of the Christian Bible New Testament
ejaculation during the early stages of sexual excitement or soon after the insertion of the penis into the vagina premature ejaculation
stinkhorn of genus Pseudocolus; the fruiting body first resembles a small puffball that soon splits open to form a stalk with tapering arms that arch and taper to a common point Pseudocolus fusiformis , stinky squid
illegal scheme for making money by manipulating stock prices; the schemer persuades other people to buy the stock and then sells it himself as soon as the price of the stock rises pump-and-dump scheme
small leafy outgrowth at the base of a leaf or its stalk; usually occurring in pairs and soon shed stipule
(sports) overtime in which play is stopped as soon as one contestant scores; e.g. football and golf sudden death
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