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striped hyena of southeast Africa that feeds chiefly on insects aardwolf , Proteles cristata
river in northern Italy that flows southeast into the Adriatic Sea Adige , River Adige
river in northern England that flows southeast through West Yorkshire Aire , Aire River , River Aire
city in southern California (southeast of Los Angeles); site of Disneyland Anaheim
southeast Asian badger with a snout like a pig Arctonyx collaris , hog-nosed badger , hog badger , sand badger
river that rises in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and flows southeast through Kansas and Oklahoma and through Arkansas to become a tributary of the Mississippi River Arkansas , Arkansas River
town in southeast Ohio Athens
city in Indonesia; located on western Java (southeast of Jakarta); a resort known for its climate Bandung
Asian pepper plant whose dried leaves are chewed with betel nut (seed of the betel palm) by southeast Asians betel , betel pepper , Piper betel
ox of southeast Asia sometimes considered a domesticated breed of the gaur Bibos frontalis , gayal , mithan
very large terrestrial southeast Asian pheasant often raised as an ornamental bird bird of Juno , peafowl
industrial city in Moravia in Czech Republic southeast of Prague Brno , Brunn
town in southeast Georgia near the Atlantic coast; a port of entry Brunswick
constellation southeast of Orion; contains Sirius Canis Major , Great Dog
river in southeast China that flows into the South China Sea Canton River , Chu Kiang , Pearl River , Zhu Jiang
river in North Carolina that flows southeast to the Atlantic Ocean at Cape Fear Cape Fear River
town in southeast Missouri Cape Girardeau , Poplar Bluff
cape of southeast New Jersey extending into the Atlantic Ocean Cape May
capital and largest city of Botswana in the extreme southeast capital of Botswana , Gaborone
tropical southeast Asian tree with aromatic bark; yields a bark used medicinally Cinnamomum loureirii , Saigon cinnamon
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