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erect to procumbent evergreen shrub having pendent clusters of white or pink flowers; of sphagnum peat bogs and other wet acidic areas in northern Europe Andromeda polifolia , common bog rosemary , marsh andromeda
any of various pale or ashy mosses of the genus Sphagnum whose decomposed remains form peat bog moss , peat moss , sphagnum , sphagnum moss
semiaquatic plant that grows in soft wet land; most are monocots: sedge, sphagnum, grasses, cattails, etc; possibly heath bog plant , marsh plant , swamp plant
small fungus with orange cap and yellow gills found in sphagnum bogs Hygrophorus turundus
coextensive with the genus Sphagnum; in some classifications isolated in a separate subclass order Sphagnales , Sphagnales
sphagnum moss peat
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