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plant of the genus Agrimonia having spikelike clusters of small yellow flowers agrimonia , agrimony
cylindrical spikelike inflorescence ament , catkin
subshrub with serrate leaves and cream to pink or purple flowers in spikelike racemes; North America American germander , Teucrium canadense , wood sage
tall annual or perennial grasses with spikelike racemes; warm regions Andropogon , genus Andropogon
erect European herb with creeping rootstocks and nodding spikelike racemes of blue to violet flowers Campanula rapunculoides , creeping bellflower
commonly cultivated larkspur of southern Europe having unbranched spikelike racemes of blue or sometimes purplish or pinkish flowers; sometime placed in genus Delphinium Consolida ambigua , Delphinium ajacis , rocket larkspur
coarse Old World wild water mint having long leaves and spikelike clusters of flowers; naturalized in the eastern United States horsemint , Mentha longifolia
Mediterranean woody annual widely cultivated for its dense terminal spikelike clusters greenish or yellowish white flowers having an intense spicy fragrance mignonette , Reseda odorata , sweet reseda
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