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attire worn for sport or for casual wear activewear , athletic wear , sportswear
mountain sport alpestrian , alpinism
relating to a ski sport alpine
someone who pursues a study or sport as a pastime amateur
equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc. appurtenance , gear , paraphernalia
sport of shooting arrows with a bow archery
offensive move in a sport or game attack
sport of racing automobiles auto racing , car racing
North American wild duck valued for sport and food Aythya valisineria , canvasback , canvasback duck
large animals that are hunted for sport big game
most important league in any sport (especially baseball) big league , major league , majors
rotating a log rapidly in the water (as a competitive sport) birling , logrolling
sport that involves killing animals (especially hunting) blood sport
common blue-grey shark of southwest Pacific; sport and food fish blue pointed , bonito shark , Isurus glaucus
sport of racing boats boat racing
large ball with finger holes used in the sport of bowling bowl , bowling ball
someone who fights with his fists for sport boxer , pugilist
sport of attacking one's opponent using punches boxing
boxing equipment consisting of big and padded coverings for the fists of the fighters; worn for the sport of boxing boxing glove , glove
sport of racing camels camel racing
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