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plant having basal grasslike leaves and a narrow open cluster of starlike yellowish-orange flowers atop a leafless stalk; southwestern United States; only species of Anthericum growing in North America amber lily , Anthericum torreyi
tall herb with leafless white waxy stems and whitish starlike flowers; southwestern United States Asclepias albicans , white milkweed
plant having ovate leaves in a basal rosette and white starlike flowers netted with green bog star , Parnassia palustris
plant with 1 or 2 white starlike flowers on short leafless stalks; Alaska to California and east to Oregon and Montana bride's bonnet , Clintonia uniflora , queen's cup
type genus of Geastraceae; fungi whose outer peridium when dry splits into starlike segments Geastrum , genus Geastrum
deciduous shrubby magnolia from Japan having fragrant white starlike flowers blooming before leaves unfold; grown as an ornamental in United States Magnolia stellata , star magnolia
nerve fibers, starlike bundle of peduncle
starlike object emitting blue light, radio waves quasar
starlike object that may send out radio waves and other forms of energy; many have large red shifts quasar , quasi-stellar radio source
small often mat-forming alpine plant having small starlike white flowers; Europe Saxifraga stellaris , starry saxifrage , star saxifrage
stapelia of Cape Province having mostly dark red-brown flowers with flat starlike corollas Stapelias asterias
sapphire that when cut shows a starlike figure in reflected light because of its crystalline structure star sapphire
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