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filming technique with series of static drawings to simulate movement animation
heat through static body or medium, transfer of conduction
simple electrostatic generator that generates repeated charges of static electricity electrophorus
electric field associated with static electric charges electrostatic field
electrical device that produces a high voltage by building up a charge of static electricity electrostatic generator , electrostatic machine , Van de Graaff generator , Wimshurst machine
branch of physics that deals with static electricity electrostatics
physical science of the static and dynamic behavior of fluids fluid mechanics , hydraulics
film single frame repeated to simulate static picture freeze-frame
measuring instrument consisting of a combined Pitot tube and static tube that measures total and static pressure; used in aircraft to measure airspeed Pitot-static tube , Pitot head , Pitot tube
static at radio wavelengths radio noise
inactivity resulting from a static balance between opposing forces stasis
measuring instrument used to measure static pressure in a stream of fluid static tube
static photograph (especially one taken from a movie and used for advertising purposes) still
English chemist and physicist who discovered palladium and rhodium and demonstrated that static and current electricity are the same (1766-1828) William Hyde Wollaston , Wollaston
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