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branch that flows into the main stream affluent , confluent , feeder , tributary
fan-shaped deposit where a fast flowing stream flattens out alluvial cone , alluvial fan
clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down alluvial deposit , alluvial sediment , alluvion , alluvium
stream or brook arroyo
marsh, sluggish stream through bayou
stream or river connected to a larger one branch
pure natural water from a stream or brook; often distinguished from soda water branch water
stream, small brook , rill , rivulet , run , runnel , streamlet
small South African tree having creamy yellow fragrant flowers usually growing on stream banks bush willow , Combretum erythrophyllum
excess carotene in the blood stream; can cause the skin to turn a pale yellow or red color carotenemia , xanthemia
sound produced by obstructing the air stream past the speech organs consonant
stream, sluggish creek
channel occupied (or formerly occupied) by a stream creek bed , streambed
shallow area in a stream that can be forded crossing , ford
rhizomatous perennial herb with large dramatic peltate leaves and white to bright pink flowers in round heads on leafless stems; colonizes stream banks in the Sierra Nevada in California Darmera peltata , Indian rhubarb , Peltiphyllum peltatum , umbrella plant
fording at a deep place in the stream deep fording
transdermal patch that allows estradiol to be absorbed into the blood stream; used in treating estrogen deficiency and in hormone replacement therapy estradiol patch
river mouth where stream current meets sea estuary
move in a stream flow
any uninterrupted stream or discharge flow
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