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Roman Emperor who was the adoptive son of Trajan; travelled throughout his empire to strengthen its frontiers and encourage learning and architecture; on a visit to Britain in 122 he ordered the construction of Hadrian's Wall (76-138) Adrian , Hadrian , Publius Aelius Hadrianus
brace worn to strengthen the ankle ankle brace
strengthen or harden anneal
metal by heating and cooling, to strengthen or harden anneal , temper
exercise designed to strengthen the arm muscles arm exercise
polyvalent metallic element that resembles chromium and tungsten in its properties; used to strengthen and harden steel atomic number 42 , Mo , molybdenum
exercise designed to strengthen the back muscles back exercise
exercise intended to strengthen the circulatory system cardiopulmonary exercise
strip of wood or metal used to strengthen the surface to which it is attached cleat
exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one; the use of the weaker country's resources to strengthen and enrich the stronger country colonialism
evidence, strengthen or support with other corroborate , substantiate
strengthen or support with evidence corroborate , substantiate , underpin , verify
mixture of clays and chemicals and water; pumped down the drill pipe to lubricate and cool the drilling bit and to flush out the cuttings and to strengthen the sides of the hole drilling fluid , drilling mud
defensive structure consisting of walls or mounds built around a stronghold to strengthen it fortification , munition
metal plate used to strengthen a joist gusset , gusset plate
piece of material used to strengthen or enlarge a garment gusset , inset
longitudinal beam connected to the keel of ship to strengthen it keelson
brace worn to strengthen the knee knee brace
exercise designed to strengthen the leg muscles leg exercise
exercise designed to strengthen the extensor muscles of the leg leg extensor
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