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ridiculous and stupid asinine , fatuous , inane
insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous asshole , bastard , cocksucker , dickhead , motherfucker , mother fucker , prick , shit , SOB , son of a bitch , whoreson
stupid person who is easy to take advantage of berk
stupid brutal quality of a beast bestiality
stupid mistake betise , folly , foolishness , imbecility , stupidity
mistake, stupid boner , clanger , howler , pratfall
man who is a stupid incompetent fool bozo , cuckoo , fathead , goof , goofball , goose , jackass , twat , zany
awkward stupid person clod , gawk , goon , lout , lubber , lummox , lump , oaf , stumblebum
stupid [Sl] dense
(existentialism) a loss of personal identity; a feeling of being an anonymous cog in a stupid social machine depersonalisation , depersonalization
stupid incompetent person dimwit , doofus , half-wit , nitwit
stupid person dope , moron
dull stupid fatuous person dork , jerk
one who is stupid dummy
stupid despised man fucker
dull or make stupid hebetate
stupid or foolish person. idiotic also idiotical adj.; idiocy n idiot
crude and stupid person Neanderthal , yahoo
stupid foolish person nincompoop , ninny , poop
stupid and supercilious person nudnick
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