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subclass of Sporozoa Acnidosporidia , subclass Acnidosporidia
large subclass of diapsid reptiles including: crocodiles; alligators; dinosaurs; pterosaurs; plesiosaurs; ichthyosaurs; thecodonts Archosauria , subclass Archosauria
order of hooved mammals of the subclass Eutheria (including pigs and peccaries and hippopotami and members of the suborder Ruminantia) having an even number of functional toes Artiodactyla , order Artiodactyla
order or plants of the subclass Asteridae including: Campanulaceae; Lobeliaceae; Cucurbitaceae; Goodeniaceae; Compositae Campanulales , order Campanulales
small class of marine mollusks comprising the chitons; sometimes considered an order of the subclass Amphineura class Polyplacophora , Polyplacophora
order in the subclass Telosporidia Coccidia , Gregarinida , Haemosporidia , order Coccidia , order Gregarinida , order Haemosporidia
any fungus that is a member of the subclass Discomycetes cup fungus , discomycete
most primitive mammals comprising the only extant members of the subclass Prototheria egg-laying mammal , monotreme
subclass of insects characterized by gradual and usually incomplete metamorphosis Exopterygota , Hemimetabola , subclass Exopterygota
order of dicotyledonous trees of the subclass Hamamelidae Fagales , order Fagales
subclass Magnoliidae: genera Liriodendron, Magnolia, and Manglietia family Magnoliaceae , Magnoliaceae , magnolia family
genus of fossil bird of the subclass Archaeornithes genus Ibero-mesornis
order of plants of subclass Rosidae including geraniums and many other plants; see Euphorbiaceae; Geraniaceae; Rutaceae; Malpighiaceae; Simaroubaceae; Meliaceae; Zygophyllaceae; Tropaeolaceae Geraniales , order Geraniales
order in the subclass Acnidosporidia Haplosporidia , order Haplosporidia
order of fungi belonging to the class Gasteromycetes; has a distinct basidiocarp with a fleshy or waxy gleba (sometimes placed in subclass Homobasidiomycetes) Hymenogastrales , order Hymenogastrales
large order of dicotyledonous plants of subclass Dilleniidae Hypericales , order Hypericales , order Parietales , Parietales
any member of the subclass Infusoria infusorian
order of social insects that live in colonies, including: termites; often placed in subclass Exopterygota Isoptera , order Isoptera
family of monocotyledonous plants of the subclass Liliidae; mostly herbs usually with petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils liliid monocot family
largest subclass of Crustacea including most of the well-known marine, freshwater, and terrestrial crustaceans: crabs; lobsters; shrimps; sow bugs; beach flies Malacostraca , subclass Malacostraca
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