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friction between a body and the surface on which it moves (as between an automobile tire and the road) adhesive friction , grip , traction
nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mine adit
collect on a surface adsorb
coating of substance on surface of solid or liquid adsorption
surface of substance, accumulation on adsorption
imaginary line connecting points on the Earth's surface where the magnetic declination is zero agonic line
attack by armed planes on a surface target air attack , air raid
fungus with a whitish often circular cap and a white pore surface and small pores and a white central stalk; found under conifers; edible but not popular Albatrellus ovinus , sheep polypore
surface lift where riders hold a bar and are pulled up the hill on their skis Alpine lift , T-bar , T-bar lift
elevation above the Earth's surface altitude
elevation especially above sea level or above the earth's surface altitude , height
metamorphism that occurs deep under the earth's surface; changes simple minerals into complex minerals anamorphism
decorating by placing one material on the surface of another appliqué
paved surface where aircraft stand while not being used apron
defined or bounded surface area
extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary area , expanse , surface area
marine bivalve mollusk having a heavy toothed shell with a deep boat-like inner surface ark shell
branch of the hepatic artery; supplies the gall bladder and the surface of the liver arteria cystica , cystic artery
floating or living on water's surface asea , emersal
visual defect of unequal curvature of eye surface astigmatism
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