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mountain pass in northeastern California near Lake Tahoe; site where in 1844 some members of an emigrant party survived by eating those who had died Donner Pass
United States writer (born in Romania) who survived Nazi concentration camps and is dedicated to keeping alive the memory of the Holocaust (born in 1928) Elie Wiesel , Eliezer Wiesel , Wiesel
something that has survived from the past hangover , holdover
offensive name for the early conservative Theravada Buddhism; it died out in India but survived in Sri Lanka and was taken from there to other regions of southwestern Asia Hinayana , Hinayana Buddhism
Hebrew patriarch who saved himself and his family and the animals by building an ark in which they survived 40 days and 40 nights of rain; the story of Noah and the flood is told in the Book of Genesis Noah
something that has survived time. relic
antiquity that has survived from the distant past relic
deep feeling of guilt often experienced by those who have survived some catastrophe that took the lives of many others; derives in part from a feeling that they did not do enough to save the others who perished and in part from feelings of being unworthy survivor guilt
favorite of the gods and grandfather of Gilgamish; survived the great flood and became immortal Utnapishtim
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