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interior door that opens by folding back in sections (rather than by swinging on hinges) accordion door , folding door
one of a pair of swinging doors (as at the entrance to a western saloon) batwing
swinging by the arms from branch to branch brachiation
(baseball) the act of hitting a baseball lightly without swinging the bat bunt
swinging or sliding barrier that will close the entrance to a room or building or vehicle door
implement consisting of handle with a free swinging stick at the end; used in manual threshing flail
act of swinging a golf club at a golf ball and (usually) hitting it golf shot , golf stroke , swing
manner of marching with legs straight and swinging high goose step
marching with legs swinging straight out, knees locked goose-step
gymnastic exercise performed on the horizontal bar by swinging around it with the body fully extended grand circle
swinging bed hammock
short swinging punch delivered from the side with the elbow bent hook
plaything consisting of a tubular plastic hoop for swinging around the hips hula-hoop
child's game or a cardiopulmonary exercise in which the player jumps over a swinging rope jump rope
gymnastic exercise performed starting from a position with the legs over the upper body and moving to an erect position by arching the back and swinging the legs out and down while forcing the chest upright kip , upstart
swinging lever pendulum
clock, swinging device regulating a pendulum
form of cardiopulmonary exercise consisting of rapid walking accompanied by vigorous swinging of the arms power walking
(sports) the act of swinging or striking at a ball with a club or racket or bat or cue or hand shot , stroke
door that opens by sliding instead of swinging sliding door
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