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United States dancer and cinema actor noted for his original and graceful tap dancing (1899-1987) Astaire , Fred Astaire
palpatory technique for feeling a floating object in the body (especially for determining the position of a fetus by feeling the rebound of the fetus after a quick digital tap on the wall of the uterus) ballottement
any of several herbs of the genus Taraxacum having long tap roots and deeply notched leaves and bright yellow flowers followed by fluffy seed balls blowball , dandelion
measuring instrument consisting of a graduated glass tube with a tap at the bottom; used for titration buret , burette
tap on barrel faucet , spigot
(basketball) the way play begins or resumes when possession is disputed; an official tosses the ball up between two players who jump in an effort to tap it to a teammate jump ball
reflex extension of the leg resulting from a sharp tap on the patellar tendon knee-jerk reflex , knee jerk , patellar reflex
tap dancing wearing shoes that have soft soles soft-shoe , soft-shoe dancing , soft-shoe shuffle
tap, valve regulating stopcock
tobacco into pipe, tap tamp
small metal plate that attaches to the toe or heel of a shoe (as in tap dancing) tap
wrench for turning a tap to create an internal screw thread tap wrench
worker who uses a tap to cut screw threads tapper
lever that is moved in order to tap something else tappet
tap monotonously thrum
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