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Italian violin maker in Cremona; taught the craft to Guarneri and Stradivari (1596-1684) Amati , Nicola Amati , Nicolo Amati
heretical doctrine taught by Arius that asserted the radical primacy of the Father over the Son Arianism
theological doctrine taught by Athanasius that Christ the Son is of the same substance as God the Father Athanasianism
self-taught person autodidact
person who has taught himself autodidact
private school where students are lodged and fed as well as taught boarding school
new convert being taught the principles of Christianity by a catechist catechumen , neophyte
body of students who are taught together class , form , grade
doctrine that is taught commandment , precept , teaching
school where students are taught to dance dance school
teacher or teacher's assistant who demonstrates the principles that are being taught demonstrator
school where people are taught to drive automobiles driving school
system of religion and philosophy taught by the Druids and their rites and ceremonies druidism
Greek philosopher who taught that all matter is composed of particles of fire and water and air and earth (fifth century BC) Empedocles
glossy black Asiatic starling often taught to mimic speech grackle , Gracula religiosa , hill myna , Indian grackle
Indian religious leader who founded Sikhism in dissent from the caste system of Hinduism; he taught that all men had a right to search for knowledge of God and that spiritual liberation could be attained by meditating on the name of God (1469-1538) Guru Nanak , Nanak
United States lecturer and writer who was blind and deaf from the age of 19 months; Anne Sullivan taught her to read and write and speak; Helen Keller graduated from college and went on to champion the cause of blind and deaf people (1880-1968) Helen Adams Keller , Helen Keller , Keller
course in the methods of using tools and machinery as taught in secondary schools and technical schools industrial arts
something taught lesson
phonetic skills taught for reading and pronunciation phonics
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