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tear apart asunder , rend , rip , rive
tear gas that is weaker than CS gas but lasts longer chloroacetophenone , CN gas
tear gas that is stronger than CN gas but wears off faster; can be deployed by grenades or cluster bombs; can cause skin burns and fatal pulmonary edema chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile , CS gas
heavy colorless insoluble liquid compound that causes tears and vomiting; used as a pesticide and as tear gas chloropicrin , nitrochloroform
food and game fish of North American coastal waters with a mouth from which hooks easily tear out Cynoscion regalis , weakfish
skin, to tear or wear off excoriate
canine tooth of a carnivorous animal; used to seize and tear its prey fang
gaseous form or chloropicrin used as tear gas nitrochloromethane
eardrum with a hole or tear in it; can interfere with normal hearing and cause other ear problems perforated eardrum
rip; tear pull
tear violently into pieces rend
cut or tear into thin strips shred
clothes on pointed object, to tear snag
tear into shreds tatter
past tense of tear tore
past participle of tear torn
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