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tropical shrub having glossy foliage and fragrant nocturnal flowers with crimped or wavy corollas; northern India to Thailand Adam's apple , coffee rose , crape jasmine , crepe gardenia , crepe jasmine , East Indian rosebay , Nero's crown , pinwheel flower , Tabernaemontana divaricate
basic unit of money in Thailand baht , tical
capital and largest city and chief port of Thailand; a leading city in southeastern Asia; noted for Buddhist architecture Bangkok , capital of Thailand , Krung Thep
river in Thailand formed by the confluence of the Nan and Ping Rivers; flows southward past Bangkok and empties into the Gulf of Thailand Chao Phraya
small genus of dwarf orchids; India to Thailand and Taiwan genus Pleione , Pleione
people living traditionally in mountain villages in southern China and adjacent areas of Vietnam and Laos and Thailand; many have emigrated to the United States Hmong , Miao
peninsula of southeastern Asia that includes Myanmar and Cambodia and Laos and Malaysia and Thailand and Vietnam Indochina , Indochinese peninsula
Tibeto-Burman language spoken in the Thailand and Burmese borderlands Karen , Karenic
Tai language of a Buddhist people living in the area of the Mekong River in Thailand and Laos Lao
member of a Buddhist people inhabiting the area of the Mekong River in Laos and Thailand and speaking the Lao language; related to the Thais Lao , Laotian
peninsula in southeastern Asia occupied by parts of Malaysia and Thailand and Myanmar Malay Peninsula
member of a Buddhist people living in Myanmar and adjacent parts of Thailand Mon
river of western Thailand flowing southward to join the Ping River to form the Chao Phraya Nan , Nan River
river in western Thailand; a major tributary of the Chao Phraya Ping , Ping River
100 satangs equal 1 baht in Thailand satang
native or inhabitant of Thailand Siamese , Tai , Thai
monetary unit in Thailand Thai monetary unit
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