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classification system for the antigens of human blood; used in blood transfusion therapy; four groups are A and B and AB and O ABO blood group system , ABO group , ABO system
therapy using massage on acupuncture points acupressure , shiatsu
therapy using fine needles acupuncture
delayed effect of a drug or therapy aftereffect
acute blood disorder (often caused by radiation or drug therapy) characterized by severe reduction in granulocytes agranulocytosis , agranulosis , granulocytopenia
therapy using fragrant substances aromatherapy
therapy associating bad habit with pain aversion therapy
therapy monitoring bodily function in order to get control of it biofeedback
exposure to exotic infectious agents that pose a high risk of life-threatening disease and can be transmitted as an aerosol and for which there is no vaccine or therapy biosafety level 4
United States psychologist who developed client-centered therapy (1902-1987) Carl Rogers , Rogers
radioactive isotope of cesium used in radiation therapy cesium 137
therapy using chemicals to treat cancer chemotherapy
therapy manipulating spinal column and other body parts chiropractic
radioactive isotope of cobalt with mass number 60; a source of exceptionally intense gamma rays; used in radiation therapy cobalt 60
medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain curative , cure , remedy , therapeutic
use of radium in radiation therapy Curietherapy , radium therapy
technique used in behavior therapy to treat phobias and other behavior problems involving anxiety; client is exposed to the threatening situation under relaxed conditions until the anxiety reaction is extinguished desensitisation procedure , desensitisation technique , desensitization procedure , desensitization technique , systematic desensitisation , systematic desensitization
method of physical therapy that involves generating local heat in body tissues by high-frequency electromagnetic currents diathermy
heat medical therapy diathermy
psychoactive substance present in marijuana; used therapeutically to control nausea associated with cancer therapy dronabinol
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