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coalescing of small particles that are suspended in solution; these larger masses are then (usually) precipitated agglutinating activity , agglutination
liturgical prayer beginning with these Latin words Agnus Dei
14 books of the Old Testament included in the Vulgate (except for II Esdras) but omitted in Jewish and Protestant versions of the Bible; eastern Christian churches (except the Coptic church) accept all these books as canonical; the Russian Orthodox church Apocrypha
these words are used to express a low opinion of someone's intelligence blockhead , bonehead , dumbass , dunce , dunderhead , fuckhead , hammerhead , knucklehead , loggerhead , lunkhead , muttonhead , numskull , shithead
countries occupying Central America; these countries (except for Belize and Costa Rica) are characterized by low per capita income and unstable governments Central American country , Central American nation
breakfast food made of these grains cereal
bacterial toxin produced by clostridium perfringens; causes intense abdominal cramps and diarrhea that begins 8-22 hours after consumption of foods containing large numbers of these bacteria Clostridium perfringens epsilon toxin , epsilon toxin
(biology) the field of science concerned with processes of communication and control (especially the comparison of these processes in biological and artificial systems) cybernetics
southeastern region of the United States: South Carolina and Georgia and Alabama and Mississippi and Louisiana; prior to the American Civil War all these states produced cotton and permitted slavery Deep South
small bird; adults talking to children sometimes use these words to refer to small birds dickey-bird , dickeybird , dicky-bird , dickybird
family of fungi belonging to the order Agaricales; the gills of these fungi have a clean waxy appearance family Hygrophoraceae , Hygrophoraceae
blood forming stem cells in the bone marrow; T cells and B cells arise from these stem cells hematopoeitic stem cell
any of several hormones produced in the hypothalamus and carried by a vein to the anterior pituitary gland where they stimulate the release of anterior pituitary hormones; each of these hormones causes the anterior pituitary to secrete a specific hormone hypothalamic releasing factor , hypothalamic releasing hormone , releasing factor , releasing hormone , RH
form of solitaire that begins with seven piles of cards with the top cards facing up; descending sequences of cards of alternating colors are built on these piles; as aces become available they are placed above the seven piles; the object is to build sequ klondike
laws (beginning with the Ten Commandments) that God gave to the Israelites through Moses; it includes many rules of religious observance given in the first five books of the Old Testament (in Judaism these books are called the Torah) Law of Moses , Mosaic law
two innermost layers of the meninges; cerebrospinal fluid circulates between these innermost layers leptomeninges
oven using these waves to cook microwave
(New Testament) in Revelations it is foretold that those faithful to Jesus will reign with Jesus over the earth for a thousand years; the meaning of these words have been much debated; some denominations (e.g. Jehovah's Witnesses) expect it to be a thousa millennium
one of the three sections of the hipbone; together these two bones form the front of the pelvis os pubis , pubic bone , pubis
large clinical trial of a treatment or drug that in phase I and phase II has been shown to be efficacious with tolerable side effects; after successful conclusion of these clinical trials it will receive formal approval from the FDA phase III , phase III clinical trial
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