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thief, especially one who commits crimes while on the run bandit
armed thief who is (usually) a member of a band bandit , brigand
thief who steals goods that are in a store booster , lifter , shoplifter
thief who enters a building with intent to steal burglar
thief who breaks open safes to steal valuable contents cracksman , safebreaker , safecracker
thief who steals from the pockets or purses of others in public places cutpurse , dip , pickpocket
(Yiddish) a thief or dishonest person or scoundrel (often used as a general term of abuse) ganef , ganof , gonif , goniff
armed thief holdup man , stickup man
thief who steals without using violence pilferer , sneak thief , snitcher
(Greek mythology) a mythical giant who was a thief and murderer; he would capture people and tie them to an iron bed, stretching them or hacking off their legs to make them fit; was killed by Theseus Procrustes
thief who steals from someone by threatening violence robber
thief who grabs and runs snatcher
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