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system (including the thymus and bone marrow and lymphoid tissues) that protects the body from foreign substances and pathogenic organisms by producing the immune response immune system
formation of lymphocytes in the bone marrow and lymph nodes and thymus and spleen lymphopoiesis
part of the thoracic cavity between the lungs that contains the heart and aorta and esophagus and trachea and thymus mediastinum
edible thymus gland of an animal neck sweetbread , throat sweetbread
thymus gland or pancreas of a young animal prepared as food sweetbread
small lymphocyte developed in the thymus; it orchestrates the immune system's response to infected or malignant cells T cell , T lymphocyte
any of various mints of the genus Thymus thyme
hormone secreted by the thymus; stimulates immunological activity of lymphoid tissue thymosin
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