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calendar of weather and tide information, etc. almanac
body of water that was created by a flood or tide or by being held or forced back by a dam backwater
irregular motion of waves (usually caused by wind blowing in a direction opposite to the tide) chop
occurrence of high tide on one side of the earth coinciding with high tide on the opposite side direct tide
flood of tide in estuary eagre
abrupt tide rise eagre
tide, falling or receding ebb tide
low tide ebb , neap
outward flow of the tide ebb , reflux
tide while water is flowing out ebbtide
inlet of sea or river mouth where tide, current meet estuary
tide, rising or incoming flood tide
occurrence of incoming water (between a low tide and the following high tide) flood , flood tide , rising tide
tide when the water is highest high tide , highwater , high water
tide that runs in the same direction as the wind is blowing lee tide , leeward tide
lowest (farthest) ebb of the tide low tide , low water
interval between the moon's transit of a particular meridian and the next high tide at that meridian lunitidal interval
tract of low muddy land near an estuary; covered at high tide and exposed at low tide mud flat
spring tide neap
less than average tide occurring at the first and third quarters of the moon neap , neap tide
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