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largest known toad species; native to Central America; valuable destroyer of insect pests agua , agua toad , Bufo marinus
European toad whose male carries the fertilized eggs wrapped around its hind legs until they hatch Alytes obstetricans , midwife toad , obstetrical toad
small green or yellow-green toad with small black bars and stripes American green toad , Bufo debilis
common toad of America American toad , Bufo americanus
frog or toad, relating to anuran , batrachian , batrachoid , ranine , salientian
toad, concerning a anuran , batrachian , bufoniform , salientian
toad of central and eastern Europe having red or orange patches on its underside Bombina bombina , fire-bellied toad
any toad of the genus Bufo bufo
common toad of Europe Bufo bufo , European toad
common brownish-yellow short-legged toad of western Europe; runs rather than hops Bufo calamita , natterjack
uniformly warty stocky toad of washes and streams of semiarid southwestern United States Bufo microscaphus , southwestern toad
nocturnal burrowing toad of mesquite woodland and prairies of the United States southwest Bufo speciosus , Texas toad
Eurasian toad with variable chiefly green coloring Bufo viridis , Eurasian green toad
form of tree toad chameleon tree frog
small toad of southeastern United States eastern narrow-mouthed toad , Gastrophryne carolinensis
small secretive toad with smooth tough skin of central and western North America Gastrophryne olivacea , western narrow-mouthed toad
small brown tree toad having a shrill call heard near wetlands of eastern United States and Canada in early spring Hyla crucifer , spring peeper
South American toad; incubates its young in pits in the skin of its back Pipa americana , Pipa pipa , Surinam toad
this spadefoot toad lives in plains and hills and river bottoms in areas of low rainfall east of the Rocky Mountains plains spadefoot , Scaphiopus bombifrons
larval frog or toad polliwog , pollywog , tadpole
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