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ferns with fertile spikes shaped like a snake's tongue adder's tongue , adder's tongue fern
consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge alveolar , alveolar consonant , dental , dental consonant
sound produced by the tip of the tongue touching the upper front teeth alveolar , dental
person of Anglo-Saxon (especially British) descent whose native tongue is English and whose culture is strongly influenced by English culture as in WASP for `White Anglo-Saxon Protestant' Anglo-Saxon
congenital anomaly in which the mucous membrane under the tongue is too short limiting the mobility of the tongue ankyloglossia , tongue tie
large shaggy-haired toothless anteater with long tongue and powerful claws; of South America ant bear , giant anteater , great anteater , Myrmecophaga jubata , tamanoir
sound produced with the tip of the tongue apical
artery originating from the external carotid artery and supplying the under side of the tongue arteria lingualis , lingual artery
tongue of a cow eaten as meat beef tongue
widespread European weed with spiny tongue-shaped leaves and yellow flowers; naturalized in United States bitterweed , bristly oxtongue , bugloss , oxtongue , Picris echioides
benign side effect of some antibiotics; dark overgrowth of the papillae of the tongue black tongue , furry tongue , hairy tongue
broad flat body part (as of the shoulder or tongue) blade
high shoe with laces over the tongue blucher
sound produced with the tip of the tongue turned backward and pointed up toward the roof of the mouth cacuminal , retroflex
tongue of a calf eaten as meat calf's tongue
lizard of Africa and Madagascar able to change skin color and having a projectile tongue chamaeleon , chameleon
canine with blue-black tongue chow
dog with blue-black tongue chow
glossitis with atrophy of tongue tissue; sometimes accompanies pernicious anemia chronic glossitis
sound produced by the back of the tongue making contact with the soft palate while lips closed click , suction stop
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