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tool or machine used for wearing down or smoothing or polishing abradant , abrader
axlike tool adz , adze
edge tool used to cut and shape wood adz , adze
carpenter's tool adze , auger , awl , file , hammer , plane , rasp , sander , saw
screwdriver-like tool with head having six sides Allen key
strong elastic wood of any of various ash trees; used for furniture and tool handles and sporting goods such as baseball bats ash
tool, boring auger , awl , bit , chuck , countersink , drill , gimlet , pick , reamer , zax
boring tool auger , awl , reamer
hand tool for boring holes auger , gimlet , screw auger , wimble
hole-punching tool awl
pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes awl
piercing tool awl , broach
pointed tool awl , punch , stylar
handheld chopping tool ax
edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle ax , axe
wood of any of various beech trees; used for flooring and containers and plywood and tool handles beech , beechwood
tool resembling a hammer but with a large head (usually wooden); used to drive wedges or ram down paving stones or for crushing or beating or flattening or smoothing beetle , mallet
tool for bending bender
hand tool consisting of two rules that are hinged together so you can draw or measure angles of any size bevel , bevel square
sloping edge on a cutting tool bezel
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