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tough and stubborn adamant , hard-nosed , impassive , stoical , stolid
Canadian dogbane yielding a tough fiber used as cordage by native Americans; used in folk medicine for pain or inflammation in joints Apocynum cannabinum , Indian hemp , rheumatism weed
tough more-or-less rigid protective covering of an animal or plant armor , armour
deciduous shrub of eastern North America having blue-black berries and tough pliant wood formerly used to make arrows arrow wood , southern arrow wood , Viburnum dentatum
shrubby tree widely distributed along tropical shores; yields a light tough wood used for canoe outriggers and a fiber used for cordage and caulk; often cultivated for ornament balibago , Hibiscus tiliaceus , mahagua , mahoe , majagua , purau
large tough nonrigid bag filled with gas or heated air balloon
tough protective covering of the woody stems and roots of trees and other woody plants bark
tough grasses with strong roots that can grow on exposed sandy shores beach grass
wild pea of seashores of north temperate zone having tough roots and purple flowers and useful as a sand binder beach pea , Lathyrus japonicus , Lathyrus maritimus , sea pea
weedy perennial with tough wiry stems and purple flowers; native to Europe but widely naturalized black knapweed , Centaurea nigra , hardheads , lesser knapweed
small deciduous tree of eastern and central United States having dark green lyrate pinnatifid leaves and tough moisture-resistant wood used especially for fence posts box white oak , brash oak , iron oak , post oak , Quercus stellata
very hard tough close-grained light yellow wood of the box (particularly the common box); used in delicate woodwork: musical instruments and inlays and engraving blocks boxwood , Turkish boxwood
widely distributed tree of eastern Australia yielding a tough durable fiber and soft light attractively grained wood; foliage is an important emergency food for cattle Brachychiton populneus , currajong , kurrajong
very prickly woody vine of the eastern United States growing in tangled masses having tough round stems with shiny leathery leaves and small greenish flowers followed by clusters of inedible shiny black berries briar , brier , bullbrier , catbrier , greenbrier , horse-brier , horse brier , Smilax rotundifolia
swaggering tough; usually one acting as an agent of a political faction bullyboy
medium to large deciduous oak of central and eastern North America with ovoid acorns deeply immersed in large fringed cups; yields tough close-grained wood bur oak , burr oak , mossy-cup oak , mossycup oak , Quercus macrocarpa
United States film actor known for his portrayals of tough characters (1899-1986) Cagney , James Cagney , Jimmy Cagney
any tropical Asian palm of the genus Calamus; light tough stems are a source of rattan canes calamus
Pacific coast tree having aromatic foliage and small umbellate flowers followed by olivelike fruit; yields a hard tough wood California bay tree , California laurel , California olive , mountain laurel , Oregon myrtle , pepperwood , sassafras laurel , spice tree , Umbellularia californica
source of a tough elastic wood Calycophyllum candidissimum , dagame , lemonwood tree
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