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important port of Yemen; located on the Gulf of Aden; its strategic location have made it a major trading center of southern Arabia since ancient times Aden
United States capitalist (born in Germany) who made a fortune in fur trading (1763-1848) Astor , John Jacob Astor
trading card with a picture of a baseball player and information about his playing record baseball card
trading in bonds (usually by a broker on the floor of an exchange) bond-trading activity , bond trading
(stock market) the price of the last transaction completed during a day's trading session closing price
stock market for trading in securities not listed on the New York Stock Exchange curb market
firm engaged in trading dealer
ancient Greek city on the western shore of Asia Minor in what is now Turkey; site of the Temple of Artemis; was a major trading center and played an important role in early Christianity Ephesus
number of shares outstanding and available for trading by the public float
large room in a stock exchange where the trading is done floor , trading floor
large medieval vessel with a single deck propelled by sails and oars with guns at stern and prow; a complement of 1,000 men; used mainly in the Mediterranean for war and trading galley
chief member of the Chadic family of Afroasiatic languages; widely used as a trading language Hausa , Haussa
city in southern Afghanistan; an important trading center Kandahar , Qandahar
port city in western Kenya on the northeastern shore of Lake Victoria; fishing and trading center Kisumu
city in western Lithuania on the Baltic Sea; formerly an important trading town of the Hanseatic League Klaipeda , Memel
United States poet who traveled the country trading his poems for room and board (1879-1931) Lindsay , Nicholas Vachel Lindsay , Vachel Lindsay
security that has been accepted for trading by one of the organized and registered securities exchanges in the US listed security
act of exchanging favors for mutual gain; especially trading of influence or votes among legislators to gain passage of certain projects logrolling
city in northeastern Nigeria; an agricultural trading center Maiduguri , Yerwa-Maiduguri
merchant who undertakes a trading venture (especially a venture that sends goods overseas) merchant-venturer , venturer
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