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renal failure associated with burns or other trauma or with acute infection or obstruction of the urinary tract acute kidney failure , acute renal failure
loss of memory for events immediately following a trauma; sometimes in effect for events during and for a long time following the trauma anterograde amnesia , posttraumatic amnesia
trauma caused by the passage of electric current through the body (as from contact with high voltage lines or being struck by lightning); usually involves burns and abnormal heart rhythm and unconsciousness electric shock
branch of medicine concerned with the prompt diagnosis and treatment of injuries or trauma or sudden illness emergency medicine
blunt or penetrating trauma or rape (vaginal or anal) genital torture
swelling of the bursa in the knee (due to trauma or excessive kneeling) housemaid's knee
method of childbirth that tries to minimize the trauma for the newborn; delivery occurs in a quiet dimly lit room and the infant's head is not pulled and immediate bonding between mother and child is encouraged Leboyer method , Leboyer method of childbirth
inflammation of a bone as a consequence of infection or trauma or degeneration osteitis
paralysis of the lower half of the body (most often as a result of trauma) paraplegia
anxiety disorder associated with serious traumatic events and characterized by such symptoms as survivor guilt, reliving the trauma in dreams, numbness and lack of involvement with reality, or recurrent thoughts and images posttraumatic stress disorder , PTSD
potent substance that acts like a hormone and is found in many bodily tissues (and especially in semen); produced in response to trauma and may affect blood pressure and metabolism and smooth muscle activity prostaglandin
loss of memory for events immediately preceding a trauma retrograde amnesia
urinary bladder disorder resulting from spinal cord lesion or multiple sclerosis or trauma; absence of bladder sensation and incontinence and interrupted voiding of urine spastic bladder
adhesions between the iris and the lens or cornea resulting from trauma or eye surgery of as a complication of glaucoma or cataract; can lead to blindness synechia
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