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(Norse mythology) a dwarf who possessed a treasure that was stolen by Loki Andvari
legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure dwarf , gnome
(Norse mythology) the Norse dragon that guarded a treasure and was slain by Sigurd Fafnir
very large treasure king's ransom
Roman martyr; supposedly Lawrence was ordered by the police to give up the church's treasure and when he responded by presenting the poor people of Rome he was roasted to death on a gridiron (died in 258) Laurentius , Lawrence , Saint Lawrence , St. Lawrence
(German mythology) any of the race of dwarfs who possessed a treasure hoard that was stolen by Siegfried Nibelung
(German mythology) mythical German warrior hero of the Nibelungenlied who takes possession of the accursed treasure of the Nibelungs by slaying the dragon that guards it and awakens Brynhild and is eventually killed; Sigurd is the Norse counterpart Siegfried
16th-century ship loaded with treasure treasure ship
treasure of unknown ownership found hidden (usually in the earth) treasure trove , trove
storage place for treasure or money treasury
collection of treasure trove
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