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antihypertensive drug that blocks the formation of angiotensin in the kidney, leading to relaxation of the arteries; promotes the excretion of salt and water by inhibiting the activity of the angiotensin converting enzyme; also used to treat congestive he ACE inhibitor , angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor
antibiotic (trade name Achromycin) derived from microorganisms of the genus Streptomyces and used broadly to treat infections Achromycin , tetracycline
milk fermented by bacteria; used to treat gastrointestinal disorders acidophilus milk
trade name for a drug containing an antihistamine and a decongestant; used to treat upper respiratory conditions and minor allergies Actifed
oral antiviral drug (trade name Zovirax) used to treat genital herpes; does not cure the disease but relieves the symptoms acyclovir , Zovirax
synthetic corticosteroid (trade name Aldactone) used to treat hypertension Aldactone , spironolactone
tablet (trade name Fosamax) prescribed to prevent or treat osteoporosis in women after menopause alendronate , Fosamax
antineoplastic drug used to treat some forms of cancer alkalating agent , periwinkle plant derivative
antineoplastic drug (trade name Alkeran) used to treat multiple myeloma and some other malignancies Alkeran , melphalan
drug (trade name Zyloprim) used to treat gout and other conditions in which there is an excessive buildup of uric acid allopurinol , Zyloprim
bronchodilator (trade name Alupent) used to treat asthma and emphysema and other lung conditions; available in oral or inhalant forms; side effects include tachycardia and shakiness Alupent , metaproterenol
stout perennial herb of the eastern United States with whitish flowers; leaves traditionally used by Catawba Indians to treat burns American feverfew , Parthenium integrifolium , prairie dock , wild quinine
toxic antimetabolite that limits cellular reproduction by acting as an antagonist to folic acid; used to treat certain cancers and psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis amethopterin , methotrexate , methotrexate sodium
antibiotic; a semisynthetic oral penicillin (trade names Amoxil and Larotid and Polymox and Trimox and Augmentin) used to treat bacterial infections amoxicillin , Amoxil , Augmentin , Larotid , Polymox , Trimox
central nervous system stimulant that increases energy and decreases appetite; used to treat narcolepsy and some forms of depression amphetamine , pep pill , speed , upper
vasodilator that is sometimes used to treat angina pectoris amyl nitrate
drug to treat impotence attributable to erectile dysfunction anti-impotence drug , virility drug
drug used to treat an abnormal heart rhythm antiarrhythmic , antiarrhythmic drug , antiarrhythmic medication
drug used to treat or prevent convulsions (as in epilepsy) anticonvulsant , anticonvulsant drug , antiepileptic , antiepileptic drug
any of a class of drugs used to treat depression; often have undesirable side effects antidepressant , antidepressant drug
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