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Thursday after Trinity Sunday; first celebrated in 1246 Corpus Christi
God when considered as the first person in the Trinity Father , Father-God , Fatherhood
trinity, religious Father , Holy Ghost , Son
Lateran Council in 1215 was the most important council of the Middle Ages; issued a creed against Albigensianism, published reformatory decrees, promulgated the doctrine of transubstantiation, and clarified church doctrine on the Trinity and Incarnation Fourth Lateran Council
member of the Taoist Trinity Heavenly Jewel , Ling-pao , Mystic Jewel , Tien-pao
third person in the Trinity; Jesus promised the Apostles that he would send the Holy Spirit after his Crucifixion and Resurrection; it came on Pentecost Holy Ghost , Holy Spirit , Paraclete
member of the Athapaskan people of the Trinity River valley in California Hupa
any of the three persons of the Godhead constituting the Trinity especially the person of Christ in which divine and human natures are united hypostasis , hypostasis of Christ
divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity (incarnate in Jesus) Logos , Son , Word
member of the Taoist Trinity; identified with Lao-tse Shen-pao , Spiritual Jewel
adherent of the teachings of Socinus; a Christian who rejects the divinity of Christ and the Trinity and original sin; influenced the development of Unitarian theology Socinian
baptism by immersion three times (in the names in turn of the Trinity) trine immersion
Christian doctrine stressing belief in the Trinity Trinitarianism
Protestant denomination that rejects the doctrine of the Trinity Unitarian Church
religion that rejects the doctrines of the Trinity Unitarianism
Christian doctrine that stresses individual freedom of belief and rejects the Trinity Unitarianism
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