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trivial nonsense balderdash , fiddle-faddle , piffle
raise trivial objections carp , cavil
criticism, trivial cavil
irrational motive for performing trivial or repetitive actions against your will compulsion , obsession
writing, trivial drivel , pabulum
someone whose talk is trivial drivel driveller , jabberer
brief (usually one sentence and usually trivial) news item factoid
trivial lie fib , story , tale , taradiddle , tarradiddle
trivial act of lying or being deliberately unclear fibbing , paltering
(biology) a group of organisms within a species that differ in trivial ways from similar groups form , strain , var. , variant
anything of trivial value mess of pottage
trivial things, person getting worked up about microlipet
details, trivial minutiae , quibble , trivia
sum, trivial nominal
(law) a trivial sum (usually $1.00) awarded as recognition that a legal injury was sustained (as for technical violations of a contract) nominal damages
business deal on a trivial scale penny ante
trivial unrewarding tedious dirty and disagreeable chores scut work , shitwork
accidental and usually trivial mistake in speaking slip of the tongue
conversation about trivial matters small talk
lie, trivial white lie
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