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tune, regularly repeated verse or burden , chorus , refrain
stately Protestant (especially Lutheran) hymn tune choral , chorale
pitch used to tune instruments for concert performances; usually assigns 440 Hz to the A above middle C concert pitch , international pitch , philharmonic pitch
(music) a short lively tune played on brass instruments fanfare , flourish , tucket
singer who produces a tune without opening the lips or forming words hummer
advertisement catchy tune jingle
tune, commercial jingle
cheerful tune lilt
recurrence in mind of a tune, thought perseveration
tune, humorous quodlibet
tune an instrument temper
tune, signature theme song
metal implement with two prongs that gives a fixed tone when struck; used to tune musical instruments tuning fork
act of whistling a tune whistling
out of tune keyboard or stringed instrument wolf
harshness in tone, as an out-of-tune instrument wolf
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