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typewriter key used for back spacing backspace , backspace key , backspacer
typewriter's bar holding paper down bail
keyboard that is a data input device for computers; arrangement of keys is modelled after the typewriter keyboard computer keyboard , keypad
typeface is which each character is given the same width (as by a typewriter) constant-width font , fixed-width font , monospaced font , typewriter font
typewriter powered by an electric motor electric typewriter
set of typewriter or computer keys keyboard
device consisting of a set of keys on a piano or organ or typewriter or typesetting machine or computer or the like keyboard
device for inserting sheets of paper into a printer or typewriter paper feed
roller on a typewriter against which the keys strike platen
typewriter's roller platen
roll or cylinder in printer, typewriter platen
small light typewriter; usually with a case in which it can be carried portable
typewriter standard keyboard QWERTY
standard typewriter keyboard; the keys for Q, W, E, R, T, and Y are the first six from the left on the top row of letter keys QWERTY keyboard
long strip of inked material for making characters on paper with a typewriter ribbon , typewriter ribbon
key on the typewriter keyboard that shifts from lower-case letters to upper-case letters shift , shift key
bar-shaped typewriter key that introduces spaces when used space bar
typewriter for dictation stenotype
key on a typewriter or a word processor that causes a tabulation tab , tab key
character printer connected to a telegraph that operates like a typewriter teleprinter , teletype machine , teletypewriter , telex , telex machine
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