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common North American wild onion with a strong onion odor and an umbel of pink flowers atop a leafless stalk; British Columbia to California and Arizona and east to Wyoming and Colorado Allium acuminatum , Hooker's onion
brodiaea having an umbel of violet or blue-violet flowers atop a leafless stalk; northern Oregon to southern California Brodiaea elegans , elegant brodiaea
showy evergreen shrub of southeastern United States with shiny leaves and angled branches and clusters of pink to reddish flowers that resemble an umbel fetterbush , fetter bush , Lyonia lucida , shiny lyonia
Eurasian primrose with yellow flowers clustered in a one-sided umbel oxlip , paigle , Primula elatior
branch of an umbel or an umbelliform inflorescence ray
earthball with a smooth upper surface that is at first buried in sand; the top of the fruiting body opens up to form segments like the ray of an umbel Scleroderma flavidium , star earthball
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