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chance and unexpected accidental , inadvertent , incidental , unplanned , unpremeditated
series of unexpected and unpleasant occurrences blizzard , rash
unexpected gift bonus
unforeseen or unexpected or surprising difficulty booby trap , pitfall
unexpected piece of good luck break , good luck , happy chance
secondary and sometimes unexpected consequence by-product , byproduct
sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant during sleep cot death , crib death , infant death , SIDS , sudden infant death syndrome
casual or unexpected convergence encounter , meeting
unexpected omission failure
female character is some fairy stories who has magical powers and can bring unexpected good fortune to the hero or heroine fairy godmother
unexpected but vivid recurrence of a past experience (especially a recurrence of the effects of an hallucinogenic drug taken much earlier) flashback
unexpected welcome thing or occurrence godsend
different in unexpected way heterogeneous , incongruous
inquiry into the cause of an unexpected death inquest
unexpected movement jar
extra or unexpected gift lagniappe
improbable and unexpected victory overturn , upset
sudden and unexpected change of fortune or reverse of circumstances (especially in a literary work) peripeteia , peripetia , peripety
whatever happens to be available especially when offered to an unexpected guest or when brought by guests and shared by all potluck
unexpected acceleration or hastening precipitation
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