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viscous alcohol that is less active in mammals than is vitamin A1 dehydroretinol , vitamin A2
viscous substance gel
thick viscous liquid grume
viscous mucopolysaccharide found in the connective tissue space and the synovial fluid of movable joints and the humors of the eye; a cementing and protective substance hyaluronic acid
viscous liquid with strong oxidizing properties; a powerful bleaching agent; also used as a disinfectant and (in strong concentrations) as an oxidant in rocket fuels hydrogen peroxide , peroxide
yellow viscous animal oil extracted from wool; a mixture of fatty acids and esters; used in some ointments and cosmetics lanolin , wool fat , wool grease
obsolete term for the network of viscous material in the cell nucleus on which the chromatin granules were thought to be suspended linin
slippery or viscous liquid or liquefiable substance not miscible with water oil
thick and viscous liquid oil
dark viscous substance obtained from the destructive distillation of pine wood pine tar
sweet colorless, viscous, hygroscopic liquid used as an antifreeze and in brake fluid and also as a humectant in cosmetics and personal care items although it can be absorbed through the skin with harmful effects propanediol , propylene glycol
any of a class of solid or semisolid viscous substances obtained either as exudations from certain plants or prepared by polymerization of simple molecules resin , rosin
viscous mud slime
covered with viscous mud slimy
viscous glass consisting of sodium silicate in solution; used as a cement or as a protective coating and to preserve eggs sodium silicate , soluble glass , water glass
capacity of a viscous liquid (especially the cervical mucus) to be drawn out into a strand or blown up into a bubble spinnbarkeit
small salivary gland that produces mucin (the viscous component of saliva); in human beings it is located on either side of the mouth under the tongue sublingual gland , sublingual salivary gland
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