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voluntary surrender of property (or a right to property) without attempting to reclaim it or give it away abandonment
voluntary sexual intercourse outside of marriage adultery
(law) the voluntary and absolute transfer of title and possession of real property from one person to another alienation
making voluntary contributions to aid the poor alms-giving , almsgiving
living organism characterized by voluntary movement animal , animate being , beast , brute , creature , fauna
inability to coordinate voluntary muscle movements; unsteady movements and staggering gait ataxia , ataxy , dyssynergia , motor ataxia
any of various evangelical Protestant churches that believe in the baptism of voluntary believers Baptist Church , Baptists
any of several masses of subcortical grey matter at the base of each cerebral hemisphere that seem to be involved in the regulation of voluntary movement basal ganglion
form of muscular dystrophy that sets in in adolescence or adulthood and progresses slowly but will affect all voluntary muscles; characterized by generalized weakness and muscle wasting that affects limb and trunk muscles first; similar to Duchenne's musc Becker muscular dystrophy
trancelike state with loss of voluntary motion and failure to react to stimuli catalepsy
voluntary union for life (or until divorce) of adult parties of the same sex civil union
voluntary action conation
voluntary control over urinary and fecal discharge continence
voluntary gift (as of money or service or ideas) made to some worthwhile cause contribution , donation
voluntary transfer of something (title or possession) from one party to another delivery , legal transfer , livery
(law) a voluntary repudiation of a person's legal claim to something disclaimer
difficulty in defecating (usually as a consequence of long continued voluntary suppression of the urge to defecate) dyschezia
abnormality in performing voluntary muscle movements dyskinesia
voluntary sexual intercourse between persons not married to each other fornication
disposing of property by voluntary transfer without receiving value in return giving
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