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having a vulgar humor bawdy
vulgar person beast
rude or vulgar fool buffoon , clown
tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar cheapness , sleaze , tackiness , tat
impolite manner that is vulgar and lacking tact or refinement crudeness , crudity , gaucheness
exclamation, obscene or vulgar expletive
vulgar and showy flashy , garish , gaudy
attractive but vulgar garish , glossy , meretricious , specious
vulgar conditions gutter
vulgar people hoi polloi , lowest common denominator , riffraff , the great , unwashed , yahoo
flashy vulgar tone or atmosphere believed to be characteristic of the American film industry Hollywood
vulgar and offensive nakedness in a public place indecent exposure , public nudity
journalistic use of subject matter that appeals to vulgar tastes luridness , sensationalism
vulgar term for a woman's pubic hair or genitals minge
pretentious or showy or vulgar display ostentation
exhibiting a vulgar display of wealth ostentatious
person who serves or caters to the vulgar passions or plans of others (especially in order to make money) panderer
vulgar and unrefined philistine , uncouth
vulgar expression for a bout of heavy drinking piss-up
vulgar or irreverent speech or action profanity
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