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annual or perennial grasses including decorative and meadow species as well as notorious agricultural weeds Alopecurus , genus Alopecurus
any of several flowering weeds of the genus Boehmeria lacking stinging hairs bog hemp , false nettle
cosmopolitan family of small herbs and a few shrubs; most are troublesome weeds family Plantaginaceae , Plantaginaceae , plantain family
widely distributed genus of herbs with milky juice; includes some cosmopolitan weeds genus Hypochaeris , genus Hypochoeris , Hypochaeris , Hypochoeris
enormous and diverse cosmopolitan genus of trees and shrubs and vines and herbs including many weeds genus Senecio , Senecio
genus of Old World annual or biennial or perennial herbs with racemose flowers; many are considered to be weeds genus Sisymbrium
two species of coarse annual foxtails that are naturalized weeds in United States giant foxtail
any of various weeds of the genus Chenopodium having small greenish flowers goosefoot
European hawkweed introduced into northeastern United States; locally troublesome weeds Hieracium praealtum , king devil , yellow hawkweed
herbicide that kills weeds without harming vegetables linuron
any of several Old World coarse prickly-leaved shrubs and subshrubs having milky juice and yellow flowers; widely naturalized; often noxious weeds in cultivated soil milk thistle , sow thistle
any of numerous plants of the genus Plantago; mostly small roadside or dooryard weeds with elliptic leaves and small spikes of very small flowers; seeds of some used medicinally plantain
any of several submerged or floating freshwater perennial aquatic weeds belonging to the family Potamogetonaceae pondweed
dig up weeds sarcle
herbicide used to control weeds (especially among crops) simazine
sharp hand shovel for digging out roots and weeds spud , stump spud
hand tool for removing weeds weed-whacker , weeder
farmhand hired to remove weeds weeder
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